Thursday, March 29, 2012

OOPS! It has been a very long time, so I'm going to continue as if no time at all has gone by just like meeting an old and dear friend.
We have been renovating my studio since January. I was very resistant at first to give up so much time with clay but now that we are nearing the end (or beginning), it really has been worthwhile. Wow! 40 years accumulation of stuff! After cleaning out a lot of odd stuff like 2 huge boxes full of dried kelp and other seaweed (great garden compost) which were very inspiring 8 years ago, I feel that I can breathe. Wall space for favorite posters. New wooden storage shelves painted fresh white-my studio is all white walls and now furniture too. It's much more airy and organized. I have great views of our gardens and lake which I can now see. I'm loving it. This is all thanks to my loving husband's impetus and fine woodworking skills. Thanks Art.
I have been emailing my students every week or 2 with POTTERY TIPS so now I'm going to put them on my blog site. Let's see if I can keep it going this time.
3 Raku Vessels, I made several years ago that now have lids and finials. See my website for more info. Lots more pots to be added.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



What's been happening?


April-OFF THE MAP exhibition at Fred Gallery, Halifax, NS

Spring RAKU WORKSHOPS at my studio

June-Opening show for our new group gallery-CANAL STREET POTTERS, 15 Canal St. Dartmouth, NS

Pottery Classes at Atlantic Pottery Supplies and School end until fall

Summer Painting trips

September-pottery classes start up again with 7 very full classes, 4 teachers, a new glaze tech and our dynamic firing and all rounder tech.

October-Opening show for an exciting new gallery-SWOON-showing fine art, fashion and highlighting Ceramics-sculpture, decorative and functional in a gallery setting.

September-November-Getting ready for our 4th POTTERS PRESENT SHOW AND SALE and a POTTERY SHOW for the month of December at SWOON

26-27 November-POTTERS PRESENT SHOW AND SALE at 15 Canal St. Dartmouth, NS



Spring-launch of "500 Raku" a book with 500 photos of raku pottery published by Lark Books. They have accepted my "Fleet" for this international publication.

April-Solo show at SWOON
-Canal Street Potters Spring Show and Sale

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 SUCCESSES for the Holidays

Our 3rd Potters Present was a great success. We out did last years show. We sold more ornaments that last year to benefit Cancer and we had more pottery sales and lots of customers. We also had a lot of fun.
A group of us from Canal Street Potters and members of the Nova Scotia Potter's Guild held a second sale but this time at Susan's home-our 1st open house sale. We had fun and made a good start to another annual event.

Friday, November 27, 2009

We are in the middle of our 3rd annual Potters Present. It looks great and today was a terrific success. We'll have a lot to celebrate tomorrow evening after the show. The students and staff have out done themselves again and the public is enthusiastic.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fleets of Boats

I'm very excited that the American Ceramic Society's Potters Council has chosen this piece to publish in their Raku Calendar 2010. To see, go to
This piece was selected for "Shaping Spaces" by the Nova Scotia Potters Guild. It was displayed in Sept. and Oct. at the Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax.

"The Under Sea Fleet" All of the "boats" rock in 2 directions with the bottom section made from a beautiful silken local eathenware clay mined by the Shaw Brick Co. It was coated in an ancient Greco-Roman technique called Terra Sigallata. The "containers are all Raku fired (ancient Japanese firing technique modified by western potters) using several different modern techniques. Visit again to see the 5th "boat" in the fleet.