Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2nd Potters Present Show/Sale- big success!

Check out Carol's main website at http://www.smeraldopottery.com/
On the right are Carol's stoneware pieces except the huge green jar which was made by Paul, a student and the raku pots on the left made by Judy, an instructor.
We sold 71 handmade pottery ornaments with the proceeds going to Cancer Care Nova Scotia.

Carol's Raku pots are all the way down the left side and Judy's are on the right side of the table in the photo to the right. The far shelves hold pottery made by members of the Thursday day class which is primarily a mentorship group of emerging potters.

Nadine, the APS owner catered with delicious food and mulled cider.

The cascading glaze test pieces in the 2 photos below are some of the explorations conducted by advanced students.

The POTTERS PRESENT Show and Sale on 28 and 29 Nov. was a complete success again this year! With the world wide economic woes we were a little concerned, but BUY LOCAL prevaled. Everyone pitched in to transform our working/teaching studio at Atlantic Pottery Supplies into a gallery/gift shop. It was like magic-the magic of a good old fashioned down home kitchen party which lasted for 2 whole days! 2 instructors and 14 students participated and lots of other students, intermediates and beginners helped, looking forward to seeing some of their own work on sale next year. We had a fantastic fun time.

New Home for New Kiln

The Kiln Building is finished and test firing was successful so with a few minor alterations we were ready for the inaugural firing on 16 Nov. 2 firings later and we are really excited! The new kiln from Randy Brodnax in Texas, fires like a dream and is very efficient. Having it in a sheltered building is fabulous. It was -8C when we fired and neither we nor the tanks (outside) froze up. The fume hood/chimney worked extremely well. The pots! Ah, the pots look wonderful. Photos to come next.