Friday, November 27, 2009

We are in the middle of our 3rd annual Potters Present. It looks great and today was a terrific success. We'll have a lot to celebrate tomorrow evening after the show. The students and staff have out done themselves again and the public is enthusiastic.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fleets of Boats

I'm very excited that the American Ceramic Society's Potters Council has chosen this piece to publish in their Raku Calendar 2010. To see, go to
This piece was selected for "Shaping Spaces" by the Nova Scotia Potters Guild. It was displayed in Sept. and Oct. at the Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax.

"The Under Sea Fleet" All of the "boats" rock in 2 directions with the bottom section made from a beautiful silken local eathenware clay mined by the Shaw Brick Co. It was coated in an ancient Greco-Roman technique called Terra Sigallata. The "containers are all Raku fired (ancient Japanese firing technique modified by western potters) using several different modern techniques. Visit again to see the 5th "boat" in the fleet.

Finished Chandelier Project

Time to update my posts! Life has been busy-teaching making pots and family. Finally the pics of the finished 7 piece project.