Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sad to say that we are still firing in the old raku kiln. The good news is that the new kiln shed is much more than a shed and as with all such fabulous projects, it is taking longer than anticipated!! Surprise! Surprise!! We are down to digging a ditch to bury the electric cable for lights and building the stairs down the steep embankment to the site so we can hand truck the new kiln down the stairs to the site and a few other little details.

These are a few of the latest raku pieces. They are sprayed when hot (1700-1800F) from the kiln with ferric chloride and horsehair painted as they cool. The lidded jar on the right has a translucent porcelain finial.

What do my website and the kiln shed have in common? They're both NEARLY FINISHED.

Holiday Show and Sale

The students and instructors at Atlantic Pottery Supplies and School, 15 Canal St. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, are madly making ornaments, wine cups and pottery for our 2nd Annual "POTTERS PRESENT" sale since our 1st sale last year was such a fantastic success and everyone had a BLAST!!!